Opening A New Store? - Specialty Store Services Can Help
Congratulations on your decision to open your own store. Specialty Store Services is your one-stop shop for everything you need to make your store a success; from store fixtures and displays to gumball machines, Specialty Store Services has it all.

Where do I start? A great resource is the Small Business Administration web site,, where you will find a wealth of tools to help you begin to plan your new business.

You will need basic supplies and equipment to optimally run your store. Although every store is different in their specific requirements, there are four basic areas that all stores should consider. See below To speak with our New Store Opening Specialist

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Operations include all the fixtures and displays, storage units for excess merchandise, the sales counter or cash wrap, bags, entrance mats, traffic control, vacuum cleaners, electronic cash registers, register supplies and more. Security

According to the 2002 National Retail Security Survey, theft from stores including employee and vendor theft, cost retailers billions of dollars each year. Stores can go out of business solely due to retail theft. You need to protect yourself and start your business right. Today's security options include: Closed circuit camera security systems, digital video recorders, security mirrors, electronic surveillance systems, door chimes, safes and cash boxes and more. Sales and Promotion

Create a store environment that is attractive, inviting and sales driven. Store signs and posters help direct customers to your specials, sales, and promotions and let them know where things are located.

Outdoor signs and banners alert passing traffic to your special promotions and get them in your store. Store signage is a critical element in getting the customer's attention. Inventory Control.

To run a successful store, you need to keep inventory of your stock and sales. There are many ways to track your sales and inventory, including hi-tech computer-based POS (point of sale) systems using barcode labels, EAS security labels, barcode scanners and more. If you decide to use the traditional price tag and sticker systems, you need tagging and pricing guns, tags and labels.

Don't forget, Specialty Store Services has been partnering with store owners and businesses just like yours since 1986. Our goal is to get your business up and running and helping your business grow.
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