Eas Systems And Sensors
EAS Systems or Electronic Article Surveillance Systems are a cost-effective anti-shoplifting systems that let you focus on your customers and not worry about theft. Preventing shoplifting is a smart way for retailers to increase profits. EAS security systems from Ketec work by attaching EAS hard tag or an EAS label, to the displayed merchandise. If tagged merchandise passes by a Ketec EAS system antenna installed at the store entrance/exit, an alarm sounds alerting your staff that unpaid merchandise is leaving the store. EAS systems work well as a visual deterrent to the casual shoplifter, letting them know they will be caught if they try to steal an item. Typically, these Ketec EAS systems will reduce a stores shoplifting losses by almost 70%, adding a strong lift to the bottom line. For more information on single and double aisle Ketec EAS systems for retail stores, libraries and more please contact us today and one of our retail security experts can help find the perfect EAS system for you.