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Hurricone Cordless Floor Dryer
Item # 3537

Product Description
Product Description Product Description

Safety cones, floor signs, and barricades are widely used in all types of establishments to warn pedestrians of slipping and falling. Most establishments dutifully mop up wet floor areas even though mopping alone does not sufficiently dry an area where there is continual foot traffic bringing in rain or snow from the outdoors, or where a spill has occurred. Dries floors 360 degrees around unit and up to 15 feet in diameter (177 sq. ft.). Cordless / Rechargeable - Runs up to 8 hours on a replaceable battery pack. Battery Level Indicator LED and Audible warnings of low battery voltage. Battery pack can be charged internally or removed and charged separately to avoid taking floor dryer out of service. HURRICONE™ Brand safety cone meets new OSHA and ANSI standards.
Product Description Product Description
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