Showcases and Counters
What You Need to Know about Glass Display Cases & Retail Showcases
Retail display cases, also called display showcases, which include all kinds of retail counters, cash wraps and cash counters, are a proven way for retailers and other organizations, like schools, libraries, museums, and businesses of all kinds to securely display a wide range of items for sale or simply for display or exhibition of items. You can find display cases in jewelry stores where they are used to sell watches and other kinds of jewelry. Retail display cases create an elegant look in your store or business, while providing security, are an essential part of any type of business.
Specialty Store Services carries one of the largest varieties of display cases, showcases and retail display cases that are perfect for your specific display needs. Display showcases and display counter cases are a great way to display products without sacrificing security, due to their locking doors and tempered glass construction. Lighted Tower Showcases, Full Vision Showcases, Metal Framed Showcases and retail display cases are all at unbeatable wholesale prices. We can even assemble our showcases and add lights so all you need to do is unwrap the display case, plug it in and enjoy. There are a wide variety of cases and counters to choose from, because there are display cases to fit all kinds of display needs and budgets.
A final note before I describe the unique features of each type of glass showcase and counter. You will learn that some of our showcases are engineered to ship to you ready to assemble. This is done to save you money on shipping, but don’t worry, if you have ever built IKEA or other ready-made home or office furniture you will have no difficulty putting together our aluminum framed cases and other of our ready to assemble display cases.
Aluminum Framed Glass Display Cases and Retail Showcases
Aluminum framed glass display cases are a longtime fixture in retail store settings. These classic display cases feature durable extruded aluminum frames and crystal-clear glass sides that give your customers a clear view of your merchandise. We carry two kinds of aluminum framed cases: wall display cases and counters cases, both of which come in several widths. Their huge front glass display area is great for displaying a wide variety of merchandise, including use as a jewelry display case. You can even have us assemble them for you for an additional charge. LED lights and locks are available for added shine and security. For a classic and clean look at an affordable price, you can’t go wrong with aluminum framed display cases.

Retail Glass Display Cases with Laminate Finish

Melamine finished retail glass display cases are popular in today’s retail environment because of their good looks, durability, and affordable price. Our display counters ship unassembled to save you money on delivery but can be assembled in less than an hour with the included hardware and a screwdriver. These great looking and affordable counter cases are perfect for tobacco, cell accessory, beauty, and general merchandise stores and more. Low voltage easy to install LED lights and locks are sold separately to customize your display case to your needs.

Fully assembled LED Lighted Retail Display Case & Trophy Cases

Fully assembled LED lighted display cases & Trophy cases are recent arrival on the retail display scene. These fully showcases are shipped to our warehouse 100% assembled and wired with state-of-the-art LED lighting from the factory. All you need to do when they arrive is remove the packaging, plug it in and you are ready to display. These are museum quality display cases are for sale at a price you can afford. Keep in mind that assembled retail display cases will save you time and will also make your store look amazing by creating a sophisticated presentation of your merchandise for retail sales, such as jewelry, knives, watches and more to your customers and patrons.

Cash Wraps Counters & Cash Register Stands
Creating a dazzling impression at checkout is important, that is why retailers and businesses need great looking Cash Wrap Counters, Retail Checkout Counters & Cash Register Stands. A clean and organized checkout area creates a lasting memory for your customer and it also allows the retailer to offer last minute impulse sales as well. Specialty Store Services stocks a wide range of standard wrap counters for sale that ship unassembled to save you money on delivery. but we also have cash wrap counters in contemporary rustic wood finishes that are a great addition to any boutique and will create a lasting impression.
The Final Word on Display Cases & Retail Showcases
When you are ready to buy, Specialty Store Services has a huge selection of in stock and ready to ship glass display cases, cash wrap counters and assembled LED display cases direct to you at wholesale prices. Glass display cases are designed to securely sell, store, display valuable products or use them to exhibit school awards, trophies, artifacts, samples and more, while keeping your merchandise safe, secure, and free from dirt, dust, fingerprints, and damage. Contact us today and let us help you find the right retail display case for your store, company, or organization. If you need help, or have any questions, please contact our customer care center and they will be happy to help.