September Customer Spotlight
Customer Spotlight

Great Tips from Successful Retailers

A little bit about Chiappetta Shoes: We're a family business that has been around for over 97 years. We specialize in men's and women's comfort footwear, custom orthotics, and a full in-house repair shop. We're a fit and sit shop, simply foot experts that offer the very best one-on-one customer service. We also carry unique accessories, handbags, sunglasses, watches, and more. We're a brick and mortar store but have recently launched an e-commerce website, selling our product online:


Describe your proudest moment as a business owner?

CHIAPPETTA SHOES: So many proud moments, but I must say when our sons joined the business after graduating college, making this a four-generation shoe store.

What are the new/existing challenges you are facing as a retailer/business owner?

CHIAPPETTA SHOES: It’s always challenging to manage time. As small business owners, we wear a lot of ‘Hats’ and it’s necessary to do many things at the same time…. but it’s also important to do things right. So, the challenge is in delegating things we can and prioritizing the things that must be done by us as a business owners.

What is the long-term vision for your store?

CHIAPPETTA SHOES: We have solid plans for an expansion of our brick and mortar store to increase our sales floor and warehouse space. We expect our business to continue to grow by staying true to our core values of excellent customer service, excellent products and creating an enjoyable place to shop.


What type of marketing works best for you?

CHIAPPETTA SHOES: We use a variety of methods in order to reach all types of customers. Newspapers, Facebook, Instagram, direct mail.

When it comes to customer service, how do you keep your customers happy?

CHIAPPETTA SHOES: Full service… offering what the internet can’t. We sit down with each customer, measure their feet and listen to their needs. We go the extra mile!

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned since launching your business?

CHIAPPETTA SHOES: Perseverance - creating experiences and offerings so our customers have a reason to keep coming back. We try a lot of different ideas, some turn out better than others! But we feel it’s imperative to stay fresh.


What solution/problem are you solving with our products and why? What are the results?

CHIAPPETTA SHOES: We use a variety of products from Specialty Store Services… marking guns, sale tags, and other products. During our clearance sale, our customers look for those RED SALE TAGS!

What are your favorite things you have ordered from SSS and how has it helped your business?

CHIAPPETTA SHOES: My favorite item from SSS are the purse stands. They allow us to effectively display our handbags in a unique manner and we have been able to increase sales as a result! They look great displayed along our back wall. It’s a focal point for our store.



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