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Kendra Gainey
Gainey Girl Boutique

In 2011, Kendra Gainey opened Gainey Girl Boutique as a .com company and as business grew in 2013, she decided to open a brick and mortar store in Roselle, New Jersey. Gainey Girl Boutique is a women’s specialty clothing store where extraordinary women come to dress for work, play and church. Kendra is an "Entrepreneur Extraordinaire" before opening Gainey Girl Boutique she owned Angel Care, a Family Child Care Place LLC. She lives to inspire, encourage and empower women to turn hobbies into businesses. She believes that all women are just one step away from reaching their true potential. Kendra is also a 2 time international best selling author and speaker whose passion is to inspire women to Dare2own!

Kendra Gainey believes that true beauty comes from the inside out and as a boutique owner "I get to help women reconnect with that beauty while enhancing their outer appearance." Stated Gainey. "Its truly is a dream job for me!"

SSS: What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your store?

GGB: The biggest challenge I face in my boutique is keeping the splash fresh with new inventory.  As a new business I haven’t found the right fit with the manufactures and designers yet.  Navigating the fashion district in New York City has also been challenging but with each trip I start to understand it more.

SSS: What have been your biggest successes?

GGB: My biggest success so far is seeing my bottom line increase every year. That alone gives me the strength and ambition to keep pushing forward! My daily successes are experiencing the joy and the smiles on the faces of the women that I help pull together a new fashion look for them.

SSS: What is the biggest reoccurring challenge you face in your store?

GGB: The biggest challenge thus far is has been driving traffic to my location. I’m tucked away from the main street shopping area so I have to continually work on marketing campaigns. The good news is that social media and repeat customers do help bridge the gap!

SSS: What is your favorite thing you order from SSS and how has it helped your business?

GGB: One of my favorite things that I have ordered from Specialty Store Services is my Tri-Level Apparel Rack! Because space is it a premium in my Boutique what I use to display my apparel on has to be functional and eye catching! The tri-level rack gives me the most bang and I love the way it looks and fits in my space!

SSS: What advice would you give a new store owner?

GGB: The advice I would give is to know your strengths and weaknesses and then make the necessary adjustments! Be careful when you buy something inexpensive, when the quality is not what you expected you would have to buy it again ends up not being a bargain. When you own your own business your tasks and responsibilities change daily and you may begin to think that you have the ability to handle it yourself but as the tasks take their toll you need to step back and not be afraid to ask for help.

SSS: What unique things do you do to keep customers happy?

GGB: Some things I do for my customers are to give a Free Gift with purchase. I also have a loyalty program, the more they shop the more they earn from Gainey Girl Boutique. We also offer personal services to accommodate our customers as well as shopping parties, girls night out and fundraisers.

SSS: What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned since launching your business?

GGB:I’ve learned many great things since Gainey Girl Boutique opened on that summer day in June 2013. I’ve learned that faith, prayer and action are my greatest tools and with a plan I can certainly do it or get it done. I have learned that you need to believe then you must act. I’ve learned that wanting and having it are two different things, but most of all I’ve learned that I’m capable of many more things. Here’s to what’s to come.

Gainey Girl Boutique, LLC is located at
401 E 2nd Ave Ste B
Roselle, NJ 07203
Visit Kendra's website at GaineyGirlBoutique.com

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