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Customer Spotlight

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Hi, my name is Robin and I am the proud owner of A 2nd Glance, a consignment shop in Elwood, Indiana. I purchased the store from the previous owner in 2010. I had been working at the store for 3 years and previous to that I worked in a medical equipment factory as a machine operator. I had no previous retail experience other than what I had learned from working in the store. I decided to buy the store because I loved that it helped people in the community where I lived.

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SSS: What are your biggest reoccurring challenges you face in your store?

A 2nd Glance: I am a consignment shop so I never know what will be brought in from day to day. I have over 560 consignors that drop items off on a daily basis. One day I could be full of new items and the next day nothing and that is always a challenge because I have to make sure my employees are always busy. I also have a store front window that I change on a weekly basis depending on what I want to focus on: one week it may be the Colts football team and the next prom/wedding season or during the summer I like to do a beach theme.

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SSS: When it comes to customer service, how do you keep your customers happy?

A 2nd Glance: I am old school so I believe that the customers are always right. I put them and their needs first.

SSS: What type of marketing works best for you?

A 2nd Glance: I post new items that come in for sale on Facebook, which is a great way for us to reach our customers. I also place ads in a local mailer called Great Deal Magazine that goes to over 2,000 people in the area. I typically have a promotion in my ad which could be anything from buy one get one free, 30% off an item, 20% off any red white or blue item.

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SSS: What advice would you offer a new store owner?

A 2nd Glance: You want to get to know your customers. When you know your customers it makes it a lot easier to sell to them -you know what is a fair price and what they are able to spend. You always want to be honest and true and never let a customer walk away mad.

SSS: Describe your proudest moment as a Storeowner?

A 2nd Glance: When a person comes in and says "Wow, your windows looks great!" I’ve won the local chamber of commerce contest for best dressed window display in our town.

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SSS: What is your favorite products you order from SSS and how has it helped your store?

A 2nd Glance: There are so many things! Mannequins are my favorite. My customers love the zebra print shopping bags. I love getting the black shopping bags around Christmas time because when customers make a purchase that’s a gift for their kids it keeps the surprise. The kids also love the gumball machine. So to ask me to pick just one item that I like the best, I just can’t do it.

SSS: Why do you like buying from Specialty Store Services?

A 2nd Glance: I like the quickness, I can place an order from Specialty Store Services and have it in my store in 2 days. The prices are great as well.

A 2nd Glance is located at
1534 Main St
Elwood, IN 46036
A 2nd Glance

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