Customer Spotlight June 2015
Customer Spotlight Becky Leonard
Customer Spotlight

Becky Leonard opened Under One Roof in Plattsburgh NY in 1990. Becky opened Under One Roof to fulfill a lifetime dream of owning and operating her own small business. Prior to opening up her store she worked in retail and restaurants, which gave the jump-start to opening her business. When deciding what type of store she picked something that she had a passion for and that was watching movies, which is why she decided on a video store. Under One Roof is currently a family business with her son Nicholas as Store Manger and her daughter Amanda as Customer Service Representative. At one point during the high demand of video rentals she had 3 video rental stores.

SSS: What are your biggest reoccurring challenges you face in your store?

UOR: Predicting then adapting rapidly to changes in consumer buying habits due to the Internet and a weak economy.

SSS: What are the biggest successes you have had in your store?

UOR: Celebrating our 25th anniversary this year, being the sole rental store left in the county (outlasting many video chain stores) and seeing my children successfully develop and expand their own business skills.

SSS: What is the long term vision for your store?

UOR: To continue to offer entertainment and lifestyle leisure time options for customers in the Upstate NY/Montreal area. With the decline of video rentals we had to come up with other items to offer our customers. We have expanded into retro gaming supplies, posters, e cigs and supplies, Magic The Gathering events, as well as snacks and electronic supplies

SSS: What type of marketing works best for you? Social media?

UOR: When posting on Social Media it is a mix of information and promotions. Also collect emails and send out emails.

SSS: What unique things do you do to keep customers’ happy?

UOR: We try new products consistently. Our store is ever-changing and evolving and there are always new things to see. We treat every customer like royalty.

SSS: What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned since launching your business?

UOR:To be fair and honest with customers and employees.

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