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Customer Spotlight

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Hi my name is Mohammad Said and I am the proud owner of Trendsetters Clothing Co. in Chicago Illinois. I have always had an eye for fashion and love to shop. My favorite thing about shopping is getting really nice things and saving a pretty penny. That’s when I opened Trendsetters in June 2016. I wanted a store that carried the latest fashion but was also affordable to everyone. Nothing in our store is over $24.99. You can walk into our store and purchase an outfit for under $10.00. I have always been in the fashion business, prior to opening up Trendsetters I managed a small boutique.

SSS: Describe your proudest moment as a business owner?

Trendsetters: My proudest moment as a business owner would have to be opening the doors of Trendsetters and seeing the customer’s reactions

SSS: What are the new/existing challenges you are facing as a retailer/business owner?

Trendsetters: The most challenging aspect of Trendsetters is making sure there is a product for everyone that steps in. The clothing industry has many categories from juniors, plus sizes, missy, petite, and many more. Having a variety with limited spacing is very challenging, but we are doing our best to keep up with the demand.

SSS: What is the long term vision for your store?

Trendsetters: Our vision for the store is to have 5 Locations by June of 2017. We are currently working on our second location.

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SSS: What type of marketing works best for you?

Trendsetters: For Marketing we’ve found that social media is the way to go. We recently just hired a couple of models. They will be modeling our clothes, and every day we will post a new picture on social media to catch people's attention. We also do Facebook ads which generates most of our walk in customers.

SSS: When it comes to customer service, how do you keep your customers happy?

Trendsetters: Conversation is key to customer service. Showing a customer that you are interested in what they have to say makes a huge difference. We make sure to speak to every single customer that walks in. Letting them know that we are here to help them whenever they need it.

SSS: What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned since launching your business?

Trendsetters: Every lesson learned is valuable, but if I had to choose one it would be to market. Marketing can take you a long way in any business.

SSS: What solution/problem are you solving with our products and why? What was the result?

Trendsetters: No problems, I have been a customer for years. With every crazy visions I’ve had in my head, you guys somehow had the tools I needed to make my vision come to life

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SSS: How did you learn about us?

Trendsetters: Google

SSS: How was their experience with SSS (sales reps, website, showroom)

Trendsetters: The Customer Service Staff is amazing. Always Extremely helpful, pleasant, and patient.

SSS: What products have you purchased from us that has been you most favorite?

Trendsetters: The mannequins because no matter what I put on them they always make the outfit look better.

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Trendsetters Clothing Co. is located at
8105 S Cicero Ave
Chicago, IL 60652
Trendsetters Clothing Co.