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Custom Store Fixtures
Customer Fixtures Effective retail store fixtures are a proven way to grow your business and increase sales. From Custom Point of Purchase (POP) Displays to Large-Scale Fixture Rollouts, Specialty Store Services delivers quality at competitive prices that exceed our customer's expectations.

Need A Custom Logo?
Cosmick Web DesignStand out from the crowd with a custom logo. A professionally designed logo will help you get noticed and stay remembered, thus helping you get more business. 100% Guarantee!

Phone Systems
Phone ServicesPicking the right phone system for your business can be a challenge. There a number of digital phone systems to choose from. The best system for your business is one that offers the features you need at a cost that’s within your budget. Factors to consider include how many employees will be using the phone system and how large you expect to see your company grow.

POS Systems
POS SystemsIf you own a retail business, a POS system can record sales information, manage inventory, and store customer data which can later be used to generate more sales. A POS system is highly recommended for business with gross annual sales of at least $250,000. POS systems can be beneficial in more than just retail shops. If you’re a restaurant owner, such a system can help speed up the ordering process and allow your cooks to be more efficient.

Postage Meters
Postage MetersFor companies that send out documents, bulk mailing or other forms of media to their vendors, employees and customers, postage meters become incredibly handy. A postage meter is a mechanical device that is linked up with a business account and provides paid postage for any mailing materials. In years prior, an employee would drive down to their local post office with a crate full of materials that had to be stamped and mailed out. Postage meters have taken this step out of the mailing process because envelopes can be stamped, postmarked and mailed from the office.

TelemarketingTelemarketing Service Companies can get to the right people at the right time - with a knowledge of how to sell them on your product or service. Not only do they specialize in knowing specific information such as who to call and at what time of day to call the, but they also can provide you with leads targeted to a specific consumer who would be interested in your product or service.